Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jeff's 30th Birthday!

To celebrate Jeff's big 3-0, we headed to Vegas with some dear friends!

Our trip started out bright and early, with Kenny and Heidi picking us up a 4:45AM for our flight.  After a quick breakfast taco at the airport, we were on our way! 

Our Southwest flight attendants were amazing!  They gave us free drinks on our flight and made Jeff this cutie crown, which bought us a cut in line to get off the plane - ha!

Kenny and Heidi surprised Jeff with a driver to our hotel.  He was so excited and surprised!  I made him this magnet so everyone would know it was his birthday!

We stayed at the Monte Carlo, my most favorite hotel in Vegas.  It's really nice, great location, great rates, and the dealers are the best!

We checked our bags, and I taught the girls how to play craps for a little while before we checked into our rooms.  We all won!

Lindsey and Greg surprised Jeff by renting a cabana at the pool.  It was AMAZING!  It had comfy chairs, a really sweet waitress, and misters - which we really appreciated considering the fact that it was 104 degrees outside.  (Check out my cutie sign I made - haha!)

Too many drinks at the pool later, and we all headed up to get ready.

We had dinner at TAO that night - Jeff's restaurant of choice in Vegas.  We had an incredible dinner with great wine and even better friends. 
Heidi, Me & Lindsey

Lindsey & Greg - on their 6 month anniversary!

Hubby's Birthday Dessert

After that we headed to the hotel lobby bar to watch my fave - their house 80's band! 

After that we went back to Tao, but Jeff didn't love the crowds, so we headed back to the hotel to gamble - which was fine with me!

The next day we spent the morning at O'Shea's playing craps.  So fun!  Then we headed to Margaritaville for some cheeseburgers in paradise...yummy!

We wondered around for the rest of the day, and then got ready for dinner at Brand Steakhouse at the Monte Carlo.

Me & Lindsey at the Bellagio

We found icing shots!!!  How fun is that???

Dinner was incredible!  See this rock?  It was really hot, and you cooked steak on it.  It was too fun!

After dinner we headed to Rain at The Palms to see Jazzy Jeff.  Remember him from the Fresh Prince?  haha!  We had SO MUCH FUN!

Hubby & Greg

Me & Hubby

The girls

Greg & Lindsey

Me & Lindsey

Jazzy Jeff!

Me & Heidi

I LOVE when Jeff as this BIG grin.  I just think he is adorable when he smiles like this :)

We were having SO much fun!

Don't ask...because I have no idea...

It was a weekend we will never forget!  Happy Birthday Darling!!!!