Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Poor Bandit!

Our poor little Bandit has hot spots!  He is so miserable, and Jeff and I feel so terrible for the little guy!  I guess this is part of being doggie parents!

We have 11 more days of the cone...oh goodness!  Wish us luck!


Eboix said...

awwww Bentley had his cone on for about 20 min, we felt bad and took it off lol

Anonymous said...

what are hot spots? We never bought Poppy the cone after surgeries, he was too pitiful to do himself any harm

mjellis said...

Oh, hot spots are evil and wicked! The vet said that when a dog itches and then licks (gross, I know) it creates a humid environment under their fur and creates a hot spot. It's a huge sore that hurts and itches. He is doing so much better - yesterday was his first day without his cone! We are on the road to recovery...haha!