Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We are welcoming our first child into this world!! 
I am 14 weeks along, and our due date is May 7th.  Everything has been great so far, it's been so hard not to tell everyone about it!  Here are just a few of the highlights -

* We told my parents by wrapping up the frame in this picture and giving it to my Daddy with his birthday gifts.  It was a very special moment that I hope I never, ever forget.

* I've felt great!  No morning sickness at all. 

* I am so very sleepy, all I want to do is sleep...and eat.

* Hubby is convinced that the baby is a boy, so we refer to it as him, and he.  I think he will be very disenchanted if it's a girl!  I'm a little worried...

* I'm so thirsty.  All I want is water all the time.  Which means I potty, all the time.

* I'm overly emotional.  Really overly emotional.  I cry at least twice a day, doesn't matter if I'm happy, sad, or just tired.


~Holly~ said...

Congratulations Michelle! :)